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Joseph Beck2

Joseph Beck2

Joseph Ralph BECK4

also known as Rafael BECK8,3

14th Apr 18771,2,3 - 14th Jan 19385,6

Life History

14th Apr 1877

Born in Krakow, Austria.1,2,3

According to the 1880 Krakow census, Joseph was born in 1876.

26th Jun 1888

Immigrated to NY, NY, NY, USA.4,2

1st Aug 1900

Naturalized in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of NY, Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA.2

14th Jan 1938

Died in Mount Sinai Hospital, 1 East 100th St, NY, NY, NY, USA.5,6

16th Jan 1938

Buried in Washington Cemetery, 5400 Bay Parkway (corner McDonald Ave), Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA.7

Beck, Rapaport & Shapiro Plot, Cemetery 1, Range 6- Plot #250 & 251


  • According to the 1900 Census, Joe was a bookkeeper.  That census shows his month of birth as May 1877.

    According to the 1910 Census, Joe was living with his sister and brother-in-law, Sadie and William Troper.  His occupation is shown as pharmacist in a drug store.  Nona Troper Shafran also said that Joe was a druggist.

    According to his naturalization papers, Joe was a clerk.4,2,9


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