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Walter Stern

Walter Stern

Walter J. STERN3

5th Aug 18982,1 - 8th Aug 19891

Life History

5th Aug 1898

Born in NY, USA.2,1

22nd Oct 1926

Married Irene M. TROPER in Concourse Plaza Hotel, 900 Grand Concourse, Bronx, Bronx, NY, USA.3,5

13th Sep 1927

Birth of son Richard T. STERN in NY, USA.2

30th Aug 1935

Birth of daughter Madeline H. STERN in NY, USA.4

Feb 1971

Death of Irene M. TROPER in Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY, USA.1

8th Aug 1989

Died in NY, USA.1

Other facts


Social Security number 067-03-2622.1


  • According to the 1930 Census, Walter was a clerk in an office.

    According to Karyn Michaels, Walter was a sales person in a lace factory in 1941 at the time the estate of Irene's uncle, Dr. Herbert Beck, was probated.  Herbert apparently left part of his estate to Irene because he didn't think her husband had a "steady job," but left nothing to Irene's sister, Nona, because her husband, Phil Shafran, had a "safe" (albeit low-paying) job as a high school teacher.  Nona and Irene never spoke again, and this might have been at least part of the reason.2,6


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