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Philip Shafran

Philip Shafran

Philip Frederick SHAFRAN

also known as Frederick Philip SHAFRAN3

10th Apr 18982,1,3,4 - 16th Dec 19881,7

Life History

10th Apr 1898

Born in Brest, Russia.2,1,3,4

15th Oct 1904

Immigrated to Ellis Island, NY, NY, NY, USA.3,5

14th Sep 1921

Married Anona H. TROPER in 1042 Prospect Ave, Bronx, Bronx, NY, USA.2,10,4

24th Mar 1922

Naturalized in NY Supreme Court, NY County, NY, NY, NY, USA.6

14th Nov 1923

Birth of daughter Raquel Ethel SHAFRAN in NY, USA.2,1

15th May 1926

Birth of daughter Barbara Edna SHAFRAN in NY, USA.2,1

19th Aug 1983

Death of daughter Raquel Ethel SHAFRAN in Lexington, Middlesex, MA, USA.1,8,9

16th Dec 1988

Died in Seal Beach, Orange, CA, USA.1,7

Other facts


Social Security number 099-32-6913.1


  • According to Bill Litant, Phil spent most of his working career as an industrial arts teacher in the Bronx and, in retirement, became a very sought after jewelry maker.  He made many amazing carvings too, and had several on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.3
  • According to the 1930 Census, Philip was a high school teacher.  His parents were both from Russia.2


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